A new era in employment assessments has finally arrived!

Employing the right person has never been more important and more critical.

The cost of employing the wrong person is high.

Navigating your way around the decision making process is an art. Optima Check gives you the data you need across a range of background checks to ensure you choose the right candidate.

In 2015 labour turnover in Australia was measured at 16%. This is a significant cost to industry.

Higher labour turnover and poor employee performance could be the result of poor job fit or person. Optima Check can help make sure you choose the right person for the job.

Save time and money by getting the employment fit right from the start. Optima Check provides a comprehensive and complete report by consolidating all the candidate data and information to allow you to make the right decision. 

Optima Check provides a new dimension in decision making tools for all Managers, Human Resources and Workplace Health and Safety Professionals

Optima Check provides a broad picture about the candidate, with recommendations of the candidate with the best profile based upon the data results. This allows more balanced decision making and choosing the right candidate for a position.

Optima Check core reports include:

  • Medical history and a full medical assessment
  • Drug and alcohol screening
  • Psychometric assessment
  • Police checks
  • Reference/qualification and profile checks

Optima Check reports are compiled by experienced Human Resources professionals. Our people have many years experience with large corporates and smaller companies. Optima Check reports will give confidence to managers, Your candidate employment data is assessed and compiled giving you added value in the important decision making process so you can confidently choose the right person every time.

Optima Check provides:

  • One comprehensive and complete report for each candidate
  • Candidate data is assessed and recommendations are provided to you
  • Online delivery and availability of reports
  • Streamlined data – we coordinate and get the data for you!
  • Potential HR and WHS issues are identified and highlighted

Our collaborative partners are industry leaders, experienced and knowledgeable in each field of candidate assessment. We work together with our partners to get our clients the best results:

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Medical Assessments


Optima Check provides a comprehensive medical assessment including a full medical history, fitness for work assessment, drug and alcohol screening along with a physical capacity review which will provide a sound basis for candidate decisions. Any specific client requirements can be included as well.

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Psychometric profile

Psychometric Profiling in line with Position Requirements

Optima Check provides a comprehensive Psychometric report that are specifically tailored to each role or client requirements. Unique Psychometric assessments have been identified for executive/upper level senior managers, middle management positions and administrators, sales staff, office, warehouse and manufacturing staff. A “Safety Culture” profile is included in each assessment to assist in the management of work, safety and health risks.

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CV Check

Background check

These reports can cover a multitude of checks to meet the client or position requirements such as reference checking, visa status of applicants, qualification and licence checks. Check out our extensive list below.

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